This is a question that we are posed regularly by people considering holidaying in Menorca during the winter months, as well as those considering a more permanent move. The truth is – it’s far from boring!

Winter in Menorca is truly a magical and special time of year. Ask any local, they will more than likely give you the same answer. Where do we start…? The light, the warmth, the peaceful pace of life, the beauty … need we continue? It is everything and more, with a cooler breeze thrown in. True, January and February can sometimes bring more rain and winds, but ultimately, Spring and the late Autumn is personally, our favourite times of year.

Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures, or have kids to entertain over the festive period, there are many options which those who only visit during the Summer, may be unaware of. There are of course, numerous routes on the Cami de Cavalls to enjoy and discover, but that’s not where ‘off-season’ adventures end in Menorca. If the 25 prehistoric sites that were built during the Talayotic period are not your thing, there are plenty of cycling and horse-riding routes to explore, taking you to parts of the island that you never knew existed.

But what if the weather is bad… there is a fantastic climbing wall in Sant Lluis, perfect for all ages – Talayotic Monkeys is a great way to stay energised, whilst keeping children and adults fully entertained. Try the climbing wall for something a little different.

During the Christmas holidays in Mercadal, there is a sports center sized arena, geared-up to keep the little ones happy. Open all day from Boxing day, there is football, face-painting, more bouncy castles than we’ve seen in one place, and perfect from crawlers to 12 years of age.

Another excellent way to explore the island is to discover what is going on locally. Every main town in Menorca has various events taking place across the year and is equally busy throughout the winter months, as it is in Summer months. The town halls often have plenty of information on display. Mahon is particularly busy, with the theatre attracting plenty of visitors throughout the year.

While the majority of visitors flock each year to Menorca for its undeniably stunning beaches, warm Mediterranean climes and relaxed atmosphere; the island is just as stunning and equally as enjoyable in the cooler months! Plus… you get the beaches all to yourself!

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